Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with Lydia Joy

I offer two ways to support you with hair tissue mineral analysis to work on your health. I offer a consultation option or a package option; both include my online program to assist you as you implement your game plan. I will explain the details of each option below so you can make the best choices for your current needs.

Hi, my name is Lydia Joy

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is my favorite functional test because it gives me so much insight into every single client’s current health picture. Since minerals are a key foundation for our health, it makes sense to assess everyone’s mineral picture. Mineral imbalances are a prevalent issue that most health practitioners do not assess or address. Minerals are often the missing piece that have not been considered when clients feel they have ‘tried everything’ but aren’t yet feeling better.

I love this tool so much that I use it for every single client I work with, it doesn’t make any sense not to.

Women in burnout who have ‘tried everything’ to recover usually have not yet tried mineral balancing and are pleasantly surprised how quickly they notice changes in their energy and ability to handle stress.

While I primarily work with women recovering from burnout,I also help men and children as well as families.

Allow me to share why my clients love HTMA

First, clients LOVE tests and hard data. It’s ingrained in us thanks to Western medicine.

Second, clients feel validated when they understand what the information HTMA shows them about their entire health picture.

Third, it’s affordable, non-invasive and gives massive insight that no other test can show (and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home to do it).

Fourth, it gives me clarity on how to address the mineral piece of the puzzle for all my clients, while also addressing every single health foundation.

Finally, it’s repeatable and intended to be used long term to course correct your health so you can recover and prevent future metabolic disarray.

When working towards your health goals it's important to choose the best path to receive support

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Consultation

A consult includes: 2 written reports, 1- 75 minute phone session, my online program, the cost of the lab fee, access to my online dispensary (with built in discounts), weekly client newsletters through Kajabi announcements, email support and checkins.

When you sign up for a hair tissue mineral analysis consultation with me, you will get:

An automatic invitation into my online program. The online program has 10 modules that will guide you over 3 months as you work on your HTMA game plan. You will be able to work on the first few lessons while you wait for your hair test kit in the mail and then for the results to come in from the lab after you’ve mailed in your hair sample. This process can take a couple of weeks.

The HTMA program content will be released over the course of 2 months, you’ll get access to new content weekly. The course content builds on itself and is delivered to help you integrate the action steps you’ll be recommended to take. It’s designed to educate you and give you plenty of resources to work with, as well as to know what to expect on your mineral balancing journey. You will be able to ask questions in the comment section of the lessons any time.

Here is the course content outline:

Welcome Module: How to get started & Create your vision and goals
Module 1: Your # Nutrient Source: Sun Exposure & Circadian Rhythm
Module 2: Hydration: Water & Testing
Module 3: Dietary Recommendations for Slow or Fast Oxidation (Plus, Recipe Library)
Module 4: How to Add In Your Supplements
Module 5: Healing Reactions or Herx Reactions (What they are & what to do)
Module 6: Digestion & Gut Health
Module 7: Getting Started with Gentle Detox
Module 8: Heavy Metals: What You Need to Know
Module 9: Retesting & Additional Functional Testing
Module 10: Mineral Balancing (with HTMA) for Common Health Issues
*Bonus: Training Sessions / + New Content as the need arises.

The modules may have more than 1 lesson as well as several handouts for you to take advantage of.

Once your hair tissue mineral analysis lab results are back from the lab, I will be in touch to schedule your consultation session for review. Prior to your session I will send you my review of your HTMA data for your reference.

During your session we will review your health history and health goals, what the lab results can show about your current health and discuss a game plan to get started with.

After your session, within a week, I will send you my written recommended game plan. This game plan is for you to work on over about a 3 month time frame. During the 3 months you’ll have ongoing access to the online program and can ask questions anytime.

If at any time during the 3 months you run into obstacles or decide you need more support, you can contact me for additional support. This information will be included in the program for you as well.

The HTMA Consultation was created to help clients get targeted information about their health concerns and a plan to work on correcting their health. There are two payment options to choose from.

Who the consult option is for...

  • You know your lack of understanding about your mineral imbalances is hurting you
  • You want a functional test that covers all your health foundations in one fell swoop
  • You live in the United States
  • Women (or men) who need guidance but are also willing to take time to educate themselves with the program. The majority of the work involved is outside of our time together. I will give you numerous tools and info but it’s up to you to utilize them.
  • Women (or men) who are struggling to put the pieces together for their health concerns and want a holistic lifestyle approach.
  • Adults only - If you want to work with your child (under 18) email me to find out how I can support you and your child. [email protected]
  • You resonate with my approach, which is a whole person approach that includes: lifestyle, stress relief care, dietary adjustments, appropriate supplementation, mindset, gentle detox practices. .
  • You have the following tech : a laptop / wifi and a printer (there are numerous handouts in this program you might want to print out, but you can also download and save them on your preferred device as well).

Who the consult option is not for...

  • Anyone searching for a specific diagnosis for their health before they will take action to follow a plan. *Note: I do not treat, diagnose or prescribe. This is a holistic path to restoring systemic body function.
  • Anyone not willing to take personal responsibility or who needs ongoing coaching. This program only works if you take responsibility and do the work. This program can help you experience quick wins for your health but most of the results take time. Healthy habits must be created and sustained over time to experience long lasting and deep results.
  • Anyone with active cancer: this program is better for those who are in remission and ready to rebuild.
  • Anyone looking for a lab result only to show a different practitioner to work with on. While I am happy to work with clients who are also working with another practitioner, this option is not intended for people who only want the lab results. The majority of this offer goes well beyond just obtaining the lab results.
  • Anyone who may know they need outer accountability and 1:1 support to help them facilitate their best transformation. *Refer to the package option.
  • You live outside the United States 

My Approach

I help my clients assess their entire health picture through my whole person approach that includes; quality food, appropriate movement, targeted supplementation, lifestyle assessment, environmental support as well as mental & emotional well being. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. *Note: I am not a nutritional balancing practitioner. I am a nutritional therapy practitioner. I use Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to create a mineral balancing plan customized to every individual. No two game plans are ever going to be the same.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Package

A package includes: 2 written reports, 4 sessions via phone, my online program, the cost of the lab fee, access to my online dispensary (with built in discounts), biweekly client newsletters through Kajabi announcements, email support. *Additional lab review-bloodwork or BiomeFX as needed - cost of labs not included.

If you know you are someone who needs direct 1:1 guidance and feel incredibly overwhelmed with taking on anything new, this option is probably for you. It’s also intended for anyone who may want me to review additional lab work.

The package includes everything the consult options does but the difference is you will receive 4 separate 1:1 sessions (phone or Zoom).

Here is how the sessions are set up: 

Session 1: scheduled right away (within 2 weeks of signing up)
→ In this session, I will review your health history. We will come up with some action steps you can take while waiting for your results. Including how to prepare and declutter so you can set yourself up for optimal success on your 3 month program.

Session 2: to review your HTMA (typically scheduled within 30 days of signing up)
→ In this session, I will explain your lab results and we will come up with your recommended game plan to follow. The game plan will be sent to you via email (usually within 2 business days).

Session 3: schedule within 45-60 days (month 2)
→ to review progress/make tweaks/overcome obstacles OR review additional labs as needed

Session 4: schedule within 75-90 days (month 3)
→ to review progress/make tweaks/overcome obstacles OR review additional labs as needed

The HTMA package option was designed for client who want extra 1:1 support to help avoid overwhelm so they can make progress beyond what they could by doing it on their own. There are two payment options to choose from. Full pay and a 3 pay option. The 3 pay option is listed on the top of the full pay option page for you or at the bottom of this page as well.

Who the package option is for...

  • Adults in the United States only
  • If you know you tend to feel overwhelmed tacking radical life changes on your own
  • If you have numerous health concerns and want extra support or need additional review of lab work. 
  • You know you need outer accountability and won't likely stay the course on your own
  • You are already a caretaker of many others and want your own high level of support

Who the package option is not for...

  • Anyone outside the United States
  • Anyone with active cancer; this program works better for those who are in remission and ready to rebuild. 
  • Anyone not will to commit to the process and stay on track with all 4 sessions over 90 days. 
  • Anyone not willing to take personal responsibility for their part outside of the 1:1 sessions. 

Not sure the package is right for you? Let's Chat!

I know this is a big decision and you probably want to make sure it's the RIGHT one for you. If you are considering signing up for my HTMA package option, but have some questions or concerns, let's chat. To make sure this is the best fit for your current health goals or needs and so you and I can see if we will work well together -click the link below and book a call with me. It’s also recommended to chat first to make sure I have the availability for all of your sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Blood tests give a minute-by-minute reading of body chemistry. This can be essential in an acute emergency where every little change must be monitored as it occurs. The negative aspect of this is that blood test can vary depending upon the time of day, meals eaten, activity levels, even one's mood or emotions at the time of the testing. 
  • Hair testing is an average reading of about 3 months of hair growth. The test is not affected much by daily or even weekly changes. This means the hair test is less useful in minute-by-minute monitoring however it is very useful for detecting long-term patterns. 
  • Blood is maintained at the expense of tissues. 
    Blood minerals are maintained at fairly even levels at all times. Large fluctuations in the blood sugar or mineral or hormone levels could affect many sensitive organs and glands that the blood is in contact with at all times. 
  • If the blood becomes low in a mineral such as calcium, calcium is removed from the bones or other tissues to replenish the blood. A person can have osteoporosis, or demineralized bones, but their blood (serum) calcium levels will be normal. 
  • Serum magnesium can be normal, but a person can have a cellular magnesium deficiency. The same is true for all the minerals. As a result the blood serum is not a good plan to measure minerals. 
  • Hair is an excretory tissue of the body, that is, anything deposited in the hair will be lost as the hair grows and is cut off. Thus, minerals that are deficient are often not deposited in the hair, so that they will be retained. 
  • Hair and other tissues are thus the storage reservoirs for minerals. If the reserves are low, it will show up in the hair long before it will show up on a blood test. This makes the hair an excellent place to measure minerals. 
  • Toxic metals are removed from the blood as fast as possible. They are stored in the tissues of the body, where they will do less damage. For this reason, it is harder to detect toxic metals in the blood, although there are such blood tests. Toxic metals are easier to detect in the tissues such as the hair. 
  • A cellular reading: the site of the metabolism is the cells. Blood is excellent for many tests, but does not measure activity directly at the cellular level. The blood is the "highway" of the body. The cells are the chemical factories of the body. The final destination for all vitamins, minerals, sugars, fats and hormones is the cells, not the blood. It makes sense to measure the cells directly to determine whether these substances are actually reaching their final destination. 

Only about a tablespoon of hair growth is needed for hair analysis, an amount that can easily be collected from the crown and/or nape area of your scalp without being obvious. A scale is provided in the test kit to ensure the correct amount in collected. The newest hair growth (1-1.5 inches) is needed to show what is going on in your body most recently, as hair cut from the ends would show what was happening in your body several years ago depending on hair length.

The portion of hair to be collected should be untreated, i.e. not permed, dyed or bleached. If all of the hair has been chemically treated, wait until sufficient new virgin growth has emerged to allow collection. The hair should also be free of all gels, oils and hair creams prior to sample collection. For those individuals environmentally and/or occupationally exposed to external contaminants, (welding, mining, etc...) special care should be taken to limit exposure between washing of the hair and the collection of the sampled hair.

I teach you how to prepare the hair before taking a sample inside the program -generally speaking it's about 8-10 regular shampoos from the time of the treatment that need to be done before a clean sample can be taken to submit to the lab. 

Scalp hair is the only source recommended for analysis. Pubic and other body hair should only be used as a last resort if scalp hair is not available.

Back or chest hair in bald men can be used. 

Note: Pubic and other body hair is only recommended for confirmation of elevated toxic metals found in the scalp hair and/or to rule out external contamination of the scalp hair.

If you have recent blood work within the last 1-2 months that is relevant to your current health I can review that if you choose to sign up for the HTMA package option.

I am able to review basic blood chemistry, full thyroid and iron panels. 

I do cover what bloodwork is recommended in the online course and will make suggestions as needed for additional testing after consulting with a client. 

The only two labs whose graph results I am well versed in reviewing are Trace Elements or Analytical Research Labs. The name of the lab will be at the top of your results. 

I do not work with any other labs than these two. If you have RECENT results received within the past 3 months and would like me to work with me - you can sign up HERE
(*the cost of the lab fee is deducted). 

I have my own online dispensary that you will be able to order supplements through at a discount. I work with numerous brands and I work with each client to ensure we find products/forms they can use. All of your supplement recommendations will be included in your written game plan with a link to where you can find them in my dispensary for ease of purchase. 

You will be asked to list your current supplements, brands, doses, types on your client health questionnaire. When I review this paperwork and create your plan I will do my best to work with the supplements you have that make sense based on your results. 

I created the program to be very thorough and give you resources beyond our one time consultation. I like to make sure my clients are educated and supported beyond just our 1:1 session together. This is why I do not consult without the program. You do not have to complete the entire program for it to be valuable to you and there is no time limit to complete it by. 

The primary costs is your consult or package and any supplements you are recommended. 

Many people can pair back their protocols to save money. 

Any other costs are up to you, but those could be recommendations like blue blocking glasses or herbs for an herbal infusions or ingredients for mineral baths. Again those additions are all up to you and can be added on an as needed basis according your finances. 

Retests are also recommended for continuity support and to assess progress and make adjustments. Retests cost less as they do not include a new additional online program. 

Some people decide to continue with the tests and some may not. Some may be able to stretch the program longer than the recommended time of 3 -4 months to fit their finances. 

Yes, I do offer a family plans. 

I typically recommend starting with 2 family members first, a parent and child to allow for more manageable adjustments. 

Feel free to email me with your families needs and I will get more information to you. 

Email me: [email protected] 

Yes. I have 4 of my own kids and have been working with them through HTMA since they were all in elementary school. 

If you want to work with your child (under 18) email me to find out how I can support you and your child. 

[email protected]

Yes. HTMA is an excellent way to assess bone health because it's more complex than just taking calcium and vitamin D. 
Osteoporosis, or demineralization of the bones, can often be prevented and even corrected. Hair analysis and nutritional therapy with mineral balancing can help determine the cause and guide correction of the tendency for osteoporosis.

I offer two options to support you through HTMA

HTMA Consult


One payment

Join now and get instant program access.

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HTMA Package


One payment

Join now and get instant program access and book your 1st session! 

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Not sure you are ready to get started with HTMA, but you want to make improvements for your health now?

Start with my Remineralize program! This program was created to cover all of the core steps everyone needs. A great affordable go-at-your own pace option to work on your health.


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