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Ready to increase your energy by balancing your body's minerals?

Everything in your life is dependent on energy.

Energy is the source of your physical, mental and emotional power.

Most people don't know this but,  minerals give the human body more adaptive energy to be happy, radiant and vibrant.

Instead they run around trying different diet trends, workouts, super foods and more but none of those ever address restoring the missing minerals.

But did you know that the conversion of food into energy requires energy - and food is missing the minerals that make the energy your body needs -so trying to heal with food alone is no longer an effective enough strategy. 

Minerals are the principal energy-producing components of the human body.

It is the relationships between the minerals in your tissues that help determine your physical and emotional destiny.

Through an understanding and control of these basic laws of human energy, you can vastly increase the intensity and quality of your life.

And who wouldn't want to do that?

In REMINERALIZE, you will get:

Education and information on how to get started remineralizing your body, through an online training that you can learn at your own pace.
There are 6 main lessons with audios and handouts to support you.
Each lesson will give you action steps to take so you can build each week towards incorporating all the right steps for your health, so you can get and keep your 'spark'.
Some of the steps may require further investigation and time by you, resources will be provided.
There is no time requirement for this program - you don't have to finish it by any specified time.
You will have ongoing access to the course materials, PLUS any new content or updates as well as bonuses.
You will have the ability to ask your questions in the comment section of the lessons so I can support you fully.
You will be given an opportunity to become a 1:1 client for functional testing if you want deeper support.

The course content will teach you all the core concepts and information you need to remineralize your body.

> Introduction to Minerals & how they will benefit your health goals
> Hydration / Electrolytes/ Testing / Kidney Health / Recipes
> Food As Medicine / Soil Quality / Sourcing / Food Lists for each mineral / Recipes
> Digestion / Absorption: How to support yourself & steps to heal your gut
> All About the Minerals : Macros/Micro/Rebuilding Levels / Supplementation
> How To Remineralize Your Body : How To Test

This program is for anyone who wants to take their health to the next level and is willing to go through the training on their own and willing to take personal responsibility and action to implement what I teach.

If your health is still not where you want it to be and you've already cleaned up your diet, detoxed your personal care products, implemented an exercise routine, had normal test results with your doctor but still don't 'feel' normal - it's time to remineralize!

Early bird investment $99 (while the course is still developing)- join now and save $100!

Register to secure your spot & you'll be able to on demand the current lessons available.

There will be occasional bonus zoom calls for Q&A and further instruction.

*Note: this course does not teach you how to use Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) or interpret HTMA, it does teach you what you can do without an HTMA graph.