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How To Destress With The Most Magical Mineral


lt would be remiss of me to continue talking about mindset and 'magic' without including more about MINERALS. I believe minerals are magic, meaning they create powerful transformation for your body and health. They are the spark plugs of life. One of the most magical minerals is MAGNESIUM.

Magnesium ignites metabolic reactions in your body, produces and transports energy. Magnesium works inside your tissue cells, bonding with ATP to produce energy for your body’s vital force. So, as you can imagine it’s essential to understand how to utilize this miracle mineral to enjoy vibrant health.

Magnesium is the ultimate chill pill. One of it's best perks is the ability to help your heart, your nervous system, as well as help you create energy. Not the jack you up like a shot of expresso 'energy', rather the even steady clean & clear energy.

In my video, I dove into a simple primer on how and why to get started with magnesium. You can watch that by clicking the video player in the image above.

I discovered magnesium back in 2009 (far too late in my opinion). I honestly feel like it practically saved my life. You see, I've shared about my intense stress from divorce, but what I realized was my whole life I had been operating from a magnesium deficit. Losing out on life due to
numerous health conditions such as PMS, anxiety, insomnia, constipation, asthma and many more.

Now that I utilize mineral balancing and never go a day without magnesium, my health and mood has stabilized in so many ways. Oh and all those health maladies I listed have disappeared.

Magnesium Is Incredible To Help You De-stress

Adrenaline wastes magnesium.

Stress (excess, the kind that keeps your adrenaline running), causes magnesium deficiency (as well as other minerals) and a lack of magnesium magnifies stress.

Unfortunately there is not much magnesium in the soil these days and there hasn't been for a long time. Processed foods make magnesium deficiency worse, because they are always less nutritionally rich. Only real foods grown in happy mineral rich soil will have minerals, BUT most farmers aren't effectively re-mineralizing the soil (conundrum for sure).

If this process of stress and magnesium depletion continues unchecked, it can even lead to anxiety and panic attacks... something that I am seeing is on the rise.

FYI: This is something that marijuana will never get to the root of. Since marijuana is often what people are turning to to deal with this state of biochemistry. A lot of times people choose marijuana over medications thinking it's a better choice, but not without some side effects unfortunately. In fact longer term marijuana use will deplete minerals more because it impacts your adrenals. Something I just learned recently thanks to HTMA (and this study).

Stress is SO prevalent in our daily life my friends and quite frankly I think a lot of us have become desensitized to it. Excess stress is a SIGNAL to you that your body wants you to SLOW THE EFF DOWN.

Anxiety is a chemical reaction created by your adrenal glands when they respond to a stressful event. Your adrenals will release adrenaline to actually help your body. However, if you get stuck more in this adrenaline mode it will tax your body and deplete whatever stores of magnesium you do have on hand.

The conundrum is that magnesium deficiency stresses your body even more. If you want to put an end to your stress and anxiety you'll need to replace your magnesium for one thing.

Magnesium has a natural ability to diminish an over-excited nervous system. If you feel 'amped' and find it hard to calm down, this is your nervous system speaking to you my friend. Especially if you also struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep. Magnesium can help your body relax, release tension and sleep.

Chronic stress can come from a myriad of sources, mind you. Your body will simply pee your magnesium (and other minerals) right out the more stressors you are exposed to that keep your adrenaline pumping. It's a snowball effect for sure.

I hope you will take some time to listen to the recorded lesson I shared above. If you do, here are a few resources I mentioned in the training.

First, you can find sources of magnesium in my online store, right HERE. I mentioned that most adults can start with about 300-500 mg daily safely to start. To know for sure and for your long term health, testing is recommended.

Next, I shared about using it topically to help bypass your liver and digestion. This can be particularly useful if you have body tension, especially neck tension. You can use it on your feet too before bed. Give yourself a 10 minute foot reflexology session in the evening to help your body relax so you can drift off better. HERE is a nice magnesium gel you can try to start out. Or you can get a spray which can be nice if you don't want to rub it in with your hands, this one by Essentially Based is a great option.

I love using magnesium in a bath or foot bath as well. You can try the magnesium chloride flakes from Ancient Minerals if this option appeals to you. Keep in mind, for it to be most effective you need to do it at least once or twice a week and be consistent with it. If you don't feel you can maintain that option, partnering baths/foot baths with the topical gel application can be a great plan too.

I've worked with hundreds of clients to support their health, EVERYONE needs magnesium and finds it to give them some pretty immediate benefits. I am sure you will too!

If you are interested in getting more support for your health with me, you can learn more about my work with mineral balancing through hair tissue mineral analysis, for support to empower you further than you can on  your own, I invite you to sign up. I offer a one-time consult or 3 session program. Hair tissue mineral analysis is designed to provide you with clarity, confidence and an effective nutritional and lifestyle game plan to move beyond the challenges you are facing.

Now, I would love to hear from you... have you used magnesium and found it to help you better manage stress and tension? Share in the comments below…

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