“With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing.” ~Catherine de Hueck Doherty

So, what is an Initial Health Coaching Session?

This session is designed to provide you with clarity, confidence and effective tools to move beyond the challenges you are facing (in your health or life) and a simple action plan to follow so you can start creating a life you love.

Over the years of working with clients and even new health practitioners, I've noticed that many get way ahead of themselves and end up in a state of overwhelm. Before they build the foundations for health or their holistic practice they get too overloaded with information and research and possible scenarios they end up struggling to enjoy a quality of life while digging out of burnout. 

So, with that in mind we often need to start with lifestyle first. 

One of the big themes I share with my clients in burnout, is that you can’t heal in the environment that got you sick. Environment is everything. A cluttered environment = a cluttered mind and energy field. When we can at least clear some space we can free up energy that once seemed so elusive. 

In these calls, I’ll possibly be on a walk or decluttering in my home. I do my best intuitive coaching when my body is in a state of flow and movement. 

I normally charge $300/hour for my coaching.

But, as you might have noticed, it’s not something I tend to promote.

So, here’s my strange offer to you: A few times a month, I’m offering up a few one-on-one coaching sessions 45 minutes for $99 each. You only need to sign up for one.

There’s no pressure to ever sign up for another. This isn’t a package deal. It’s just a one time power packed convo between me and you to discuss your most pressing concerns around your health and life, or even your holistic health biz.

In truth, I wholeheartedly LOVE to support, mentor and motivate. My mission is to call your attention to the one thing that truly matters – YOU.

This breakthrough session is designed for you and I to have a conversation around your current health goals or concerns, and how you and I can work together to create your happiest outcome during our time together (and possibly beyond). 

Book Your Health Coaching Session Today
*Note: This call is intended as a 1 time option for you to receive coaching support from me for your most pressing questions. Please only book 1 session

This is a great opportunity to determine if you and I are a good fit to work together, beyond this session. You and I can discuss further options at the end of your session, should you want continued mentorship.


“You are semi-psychic, you seem to know where my body is physically mentally emotionally spiritually in every way -it’s like you are a mind reader -every thing you went over was what I was thinking during the week and you just problem solved it all for me. This is like ‘my therapy’”. Know what you are doing is working. I felt like crap for years and years and years before I was brought to my knees." ~ Patricia

"I have learned to listen to myself. As I break away from old habits (people pleasing, pent up emotions, feeling like I am not good enough, self-doubt, self-sabotage, etc.), I am re-discovering who I am and who I have always been. I love that person! My emotional state is so much better which has had positive effects on my health in my personal life as well as my professional life. Lydia you're my hero! Thank you so much for the caring and time you put into your clients! I really appreciate you!" ~ Julie


"Today I celebrate my 60th birthday and I truly believe that were it not for your wisdom and care, I would not be here today to receive all of the birthday wishes of my friends on FB or anywhere else. Thank you Lydia Joy ...may your beautiful light shine for many more years to come. Blessings to you and yours this day and all days." ~ Heather

What will we talk about during your session?

This time is for you, if you are feeling 'stuck' or perhaps need to brainstorm, verbal process through your current circumstances to move toward your happiest outcome : the floor is yours. I'll listen and be able to intuitively steer you towards seeing what you could not see on your own.

Or quite possibly remind you to give yourself permission on something you've been suppressing within yourself. Everyone self-sabotages, it's a fact and normal. Sometimes it takes someone else revealing it for us to really 'see it' and be willing to start creating change.

I'll first help you focus on what it is you do and do not want in your life, namely around your health goals. I've worked with hundreds of women and dozens of their kids too, helping them to build a lifestyle that not only supports health but creates it.

If you are a 'green' holistic health practitioner currently in burnout wanting to get your practice going, we can talk about that. I've helped numerous practitioners get out of overwhelm and their own way, as they begin to not only start their own health biz but recover their health too.

Please note: I will not be reviewing any documents or lab work on this call. If that's what you need, this session is not going to be the right option for you.

Ready to get answers about your health?

Book a health coaching session with me and I'll show you how I can help you start healing your body, gain energy, clarity, mental calm and feel good in your own skin so you can experience more freedom, flexibility, and energy in your life - no more crashing and burning!


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