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Thoughts on finding the 'root cause' of burnout

There is not just ONE root cause
When it comes to burnout

If burnout had just one root
It wouldn’t be so powerful in taking you down in the first place
It would be easy to find and focus on and uproot


Burnout has multiple roots
Some SO deep and thick and strong
With others all tangled up in the mix

When someone says you need to find "THE" root cause
You may feel misled
I mean, sometimes “A” root of the cause is responsible for multiple offshoots

Rooting out 'the cause' is even more exhausting
Because there’s never just one

And no, there's no bandaids, quick fixes or overnight cures either
Once you come to terms with this, you'll relax more into a new way of life

A way of life that is FOR you
No longer in denial of your truest deepest needs

So to my burned out friends

Stay steady

Focus on the terrain of your life
Inner first, outer second

The environment you live in is everything
Let it be filled with light, energy, joy, nourishment

Increase your healthy ‘gains’ as best you can
They will naturally crowd out your ‘drains’

And take breaks
Lots and lots of breaks

You don’t always have to focus on your ‘healing’

In fact, if that’s all you do focus on

You’ll probably stay feeling burned out

It is more than ok to take a break from finding the root(s)
Of the cause of your burnout

Rest and ease are the way
Pleasure is the way

Focusing on the problem ONLY
Constantly trying to DIG
Keeps you stuck in ‘performance’
To fix your ‘brokenness’

Healing is a natural process
Real change is letting go of attachment to control outcomes

Bottom line:
Burnout is deeply rooted by many factors
So go easy on yourself

Organize your life around enjoyment and pleasure

In my opinion, after years of burnout then recovery
Burnout has a silver lining
A gift for you

Are you ready to receive it?
And stop chasing the endless rabbit holes
to find THE root or all the roots

It’s amazing what can happen when you stop trying

Enjoy your one and only life
Your living is the healing

The real root of burnout? 

If I could boil it down to one thing, it would be
A lost sight of what it means to be truly living 

According to you, no one else

My plan for 2021 is to not hesitate to enjoy life more! 
Join me? 

Did my post resonate with you? Did your intuition just sigh a huge sigh of relief? Maybe you even muttered a 'hell yes' and let go of your breath and unclenched your jaw? 

If you are ready to move beyond the exhausting effort of burnout recovery and into more ease and joy in 2021, I'd be honored to support you. Learn more about my Intuitive Breakthrough Sessions HERE .


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