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PODCAST: #1 Mineral Imbalance Leading to Burnout

In this episode, I shared how 1 key mineral in excess for the past 50 years has become a prevalent issue leading to burnout.

After recovering from my own burnout and helping well over 1000 women and practitioners - I have seen copper excess and imbalance be a leading cause. I shared how this has become the case, even though most other health circles are not talking about it. I also share how this imbalance affects your health so you can become aware of it.

Burnout is not who you are or how you should feel and exist. You are meant to be a master full of vitality living in your true genius. Getting your minerals balanced will be a big key to facilitating you being able to fully be YOU.


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In this episode I talk about:

copper has increased in it's use therefore increased in our bodies
how this excess of the wrong form of copper for human use has wreaked havoc on the body
how copper in excess depletes minerals
how excess copper manifests symptom wise in the human body
a few stories of copper excess

If you want to check out the video tutorial I shared about in this episode -head over HERE

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