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VIDEO: What total burnout looks like on a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) graph


In the video above, I share a sneak peek into a client's Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) graph.

Her HTMA results are what is called a Fast 4 oxidative type. This combination is associated with the exhaustion stage of stress, often reflected in extreme fatigue, depression and anxiety.

In the video, I cover the first four macro minerals and what happens in the body and emotions when each mineral is out of balance. In her case, all four macro minerals; calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, were low.

I also shared some insights into the most important mineral ration on her hair test. A low sodium-to-potassium ration. When this ratio is low, it indicates a reduced vitality and impaired electrical balance within the cells. Sodium is an extracellular element while potassium belongs inside the cells. A decrease in the ratio indicates a loss of potassium into the interstitial spaces as cells are destroyed (even if the potassium is showing high on the hair test).

This low ratio is often associated with adrenal exhaustion, infections and impaired sugar and carbohydrate tolerance. An inversion (low sodium-to-potassium ratio) is a clear indicator of glucose intolerance. The body is unable to burn glucose properly to produce energy and begins to cannibalize body proteins. This contributes to fatigue, cravings for sweets and many other symptoms. When the body cannot burn sugars properly, it begins to break down tissue proteins to use for energy.

This inversion ratio is a prime indicator of impaired immune system activity. Commonly, a chronic sinus infection or other chronic infections are present. 

The pattern is also associated with liver and kidney stress, allergies and impaired digestion. The more severe the imbalance below 1.5 the more likely there are serious health conditions. Such as, ulcers, digestive difficulties, cardiovascular conditions, cardiomyopathy, sugar/carb sensitivity, arthritis, allergies, asthma and malignancies. 

Helping to recover and improve this ratio is a core of what I focus on in my client's game plans when it's present.

If you want to more examples like this, head on over to my post; How minerals are your bodies spark and energy.

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