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You Need To Know How To Put Your Health First

Over the years I've worked with a lot of women to help unravel their health concerns. One of the biggest things I've noticed is that it's really hard for women to put themselves and their health first. And I'm on a mission to shift that paradigm.

Your health is your greatest asset and gift. It's no one else's job to take care of your physical health. Only you can do that. Sure other people can encourage you, but no one can do it for you.

I learned the hard way and didn't put my health first for a long time as an adult. I wasn't really modeled how. I grew up on processed food just like you probably did. Once I finally learned better, I to make the choice to do better. So when my health finally did come crashing down, I finally took heed and started putting my health first.

I hope I can help others not wait that long. You can do so much NOW to prevent your health from crashing, but only if you put your health first. Stop making it a backburner priority and put it on the front burner. You have to take personal responsibility, get educated and start implementing changes so you can feel your best.

I've shared about this countless times and countless ways here on my blog. If you need some support on this today, so you can get to putting yourself and your health first; this post I wrote on restoring your health one day at a time.

Helping women to embody personal responsibility and prioritize their health is at the core of my client work. It's the work I had to do for myself and have to keep doing for myself, as well as model to my kids.

Today I want to share an example with you of a woman who also learned how to put her health first.

Meet My Client, Mallory

Mallory and I connected online when she inquired about taking my Holistic Mineral Balancing program. As a brand new graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association, she was so eager and excited to start learning more about minerals and how they impact human health.

She originally reached out to work with me 1:1 for her health so she could be at her best as she began her new Nutritional Therapy practice. She had made some great changes and strides for her health on her own, but was still struggling with some frustrating symptoms she couldn't get answers for or a handle on.

We worked together over the course of 3 months, every session going a little further to help unravel obstacles and struggles so she could gain clarity and make progress. She started to learn more balance when it came to taking care of herself. I'm really proud of her for stepping up, investing in herself and getting support instead of staying frustrated trying the DIY path.

I asked Mallory if she would share her thoughts about her time working with me. Here's what she shared.

What was your biggest challenge before coming to see me?

Before starting to work with Lydia, I was dealing with severe energy burnout and I could tell that my liver was extremely sluggish. I suspected that I had heavy metals accumulated in my body and mineral imbalances that were preventing me from functioning optimally.

Why did you choose me as your practitioner?

Lydia is an incredible listener, something that is very hard to come by in most practitioners! I also admired her expansive knowledge on minerals and heavy metals. I had a chance to start learning from her in her Holistic Mineral Balancing program and that's how I got to know her and choose her.

What were 2 of your BIGGEST take-away moments and how did you apply them specifically in your life?

Two of my biggest take-away moments included recognizing that I needed to slow down to take care of myself and that I have to give my body the proper tools and support so that it can detox. I have applied these realizations specifically to my life by putting my health first and understanding the right supplements to take to best support my body instead of guessing.

What did my program do for your health and life specifically?

Lydia is incredible! For SO long I had a number of unexplained issues that doctors couldn't figure out. I had symptoms of low blood sugar and poor thyroid function, yet my labs always came back normal. I also would get very dizzy throughout the day and couldn't handle anything remotely toxic, like a sip of wine.

After doing hair tissue mineral analysis with Lydia, I finally understood WHY my body was reacting this way! I was lacking the minerals needed to support my adrenals and blood sugar, and my mercury and aluminum accumulation indicated a major reason why my liver had been so sluggish.

It is very cool understanding minerals and how the balance of them can affect every aspect of my health and I'm so excited to keep balancing my body - I am enjoying the steps!

Most importantly, address any fears you feel that someone might have if they were in your shoes before you took action in this way. NOT just about investing in themselves, but in stepping up and taking action too!

Investing in your health is one of the most important things you can do, and being able to pinpoint imbalances in your body before full-on disease develops is priceless. One of the benefits of HTMA is 'seeing' patterns ahead of time so you can do something shift them before they get worse.

But it's not enough to just be told the steps towards healing, it's on you to take action! You might be fearful that now "isn't a good time" - that you're too busy, or perhaps not ready to make diet or lifestyle modifications. But if you keep thinking that way there will never be a good time!

Lydia is wonderful at meeting you where you're at and recommending feasible, yet effective strategies for supporting the body's healing process, while inspiring you with the tools and willpower to put these recommendations in action.

She went from burned out to creating more stability for her health with a clearer plan for both her nutrition and lifestyle, so she could help herself keep moving towards her health and life goals.
Now, I would love to hear from you... have you struggled with putting your health first? Did Mallory's story resonate with you in any way? Share in the comments below…

I want every woman to know how to put herself first, so she can finally make those lasting changes for her health, body and life.

If you are ready to overcome burnout and  emotional overwhelm so you can get back to fully enjoying your life and pursuing your passion, I invite you to book a breakthrough session with me today. We'll get on the phone and discuss your happiest outcome for your health and dreams right now, and if I believe I can support you in that, I'll share how.


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