Hi! I'm Lydia.

I love helping women to get out of the vicious cycle of burnout and radically transform their lives. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to support countless women to recover from burnout so they can be happy, be joyful and embrace being their own true self. 

I am in awe of these women who, like you, have so much to bring to the world... so much passion, creativity and love for our planet, for our children and for our future.

I'm fueled by my own journey, mostly by all the challenges and painful experiences I've had to overcome and breakthrough.

I burned out multiple times in my life. It took an ER visit and 4 adults doing my daily responsibilities to realize my life needed a complete overhaul. All I knew was there had to be more and I needed to find a way to start living the vibrant life I knew I was meant to. I decided the only way to radically transform my life and rise up as a single mom was to tap into a full spectrum of healing; mind, body, soul. Through nutritional therapy, mineral balancing, emotional freedom and transformation coaching I began to create a life I love and my health turned around completely.

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These days?

I'm consulting and coaching clients through nutritional therapy partnered with my favorite functional test on the planet: hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA).

As well as teaching other practitioners how to get started with HTMA in their holistic health practice.

Now that I've achieved this liberating freedom and vibrant health in my life, it's my life's mission to empower other holistic minded women that it not only is possible, it's your right to live in vibrant health now!

My Podcast: A Joy To Be Me

I'm all about helping women get back their spark. Every week tune in to learn how you can go from burned out to finding your bliss. Start taking your pleasure seriously, let your creativity flow and pursue your big beautiful dreams!

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Are you ready to radically transform your health and life?

How I can support you

The HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart


Open for Enrollment

A 6 module, DIY, step-by-step, sustainable approach to integrating Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis into your holistic health practice so you can more effectively support your ideal client base and create effective bio-individual game plans.

This program is for certified or licensed health practitioners only!

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

$465 - $1265

Now Accepting Clients

If you've tried cleaning up your diet and lifestyle already and aren't getting the results you want, you likely have not addressed restoring your bodies mineral balance and reserves.

Gain an in depth picture into your overall health with this simple non-invasive test that very few other tests can offer.

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Online Program

In this online (go at your own pace) mini program, you will learn my step by step approach to getting your spark back through the magic of minerals.

This is everything you need to know and can tackle even before getting your own hair tissue mineral analysis done.

You'll learn how to remineralize your body through sustainable lifelong habits.

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What Clients Are Saying...

"I have learned to listen to myself. As I break away from old habits (people pleasing, pent up emotions, feeling like I am not good enough, self-doubt, self-sabotage, etc.), I am re-discovering who I am and who I have always been. I love that person! My emotional state is so much better which has had positive effects on my health in my personal life as well as my professional life. My skin has cleared ( I had rosacea for at least 10 years). I handle everyday stresses much better. I use to fly off the handle at the least little thing, but not anymore. I don’t stumble out of bed to make that first cup of coffee in the morning, my heart racing, albeit I am not completely awake. I no longer rely on caffeine (coffee and chocolate) to get me going and to keep me going. I no longer overeat out of pure boredom. I am more body conscious. Also, I now truly believe people can change, we do not have to be the person we have always been, we do not have to be the ideas we have always believed in. Change is good, being stuck is not. Lydia you're my hero! Thank you so much for the caring and time you put into your clients! I really appreciate you! "

Julie Thorn

"You have helped me find my energy and health again so that I can the best mom possible to my girls. Who knows where I would be now had I not followed your protocol. I have learned so much and will never go back to doing things the way I did before regarding my health. Thanks for all your good care !! " ~ Lisa

"I am so, so grateful for the work Lydia and I have done together. When I first reached out to her, I had just come out of life-threatening autoimmune flare-up that had destroyed my digestive system. Her recommendations for diet change and supplements were spot-on...within a few days of an elimination diet, I felt a THOUSAND times better. And it kept getting better from there.

I was absolutely shocked to find that there were so many things I had been eating that were causing massive issues, gluten chief among them. Lydia was so great at helping me navigate totally new waters - I felt like I had to learn an entirely new culinary language, and she supported me with her wonderful depth of knowledge along the way.

My body has changed dramatically - I can't even begin to count the number of people who have said to me, "You look so much healthier!" since I have been working with Lydia. In fact, I am eating breakfast as I write this, and just looking at my plate tells me how far I have come...I used to eat a bagel and cereal every morning. This morning, my plate is filled with a beet and sweet potato hash, eggs cooked in ghee, and homemade turkey sausage. I no longer have blood sugar swings, my skin looks better, I have a ton of energy, and I am very close to my target weight. I am so grateful!" ~ Amy


"Lydia was willing to challenge any issue that appeared for me and she did it well. Since meeting Lydia online in June 2014 and starting to work with her, I have done nothing but positively progress toward my goal of optimum health. I have learned more than I think I even realize at this point and I continue to learn daily it seems. I am eliminating the unhealthy learning and toxic buildup from the past mistakes and replacing with effective strategies for improving and maintaining my own health. I take no prescribed medications and no over the counter drugs at this point in life and I am thrilled about that! I'm in the midst of balancing my mineral ratios through a short-term supplement protocol in response to the HTMA (Hair Analysis).

I feel healthier and stronger every day and I am now able to exercise again but do it to benefit my body not punish it as I had in the past. I am hopeful again and looking forward to life with my family for some time to come. THANK YOU, LYDIA! I highly recommend Lydia's thorough education and sensitive coaching to anyone who wants to start a journey to wellness." ~ Heather

Latest On The Blog

Not quite ready to work with me 1:1 or in one of my programs, start by reading my blog. You'll find my best inspiration, empowered tips, profound insights so you can start transforming your health today!

Here's My Short Bio...

Lydia Joy is an empowered single mom of four fabulous boys. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Mind-Body Coach, teacher, mentor & writer. She supports a whole person approach to create a path for women to step into authenticity & freedom; mind, body, soul & spirit. Lydia's intuitive creative approach empowers  exhausted women to get their spark back! 

Lydia Joy is also the founder of the HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart supporting holistic practitioners with her comprehensive whole person approach with mineral balancing through hair tissue mineral analysis. Helping practitioners to emerge as experts in their own niche with this powerful tool.

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