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Health & Wellness Wishes for the New Year

Tomorrow is a brand new year.

A brand new year many of us are hoping brings radical change in light of the year we’ve just had.  It feels like a good moment to truly think about your health and well being. If 2020 highlighted anything, it's both. 

Symbolically, the New Year is about a fresh start. A clean slate. A blank canvas. A second chance.

I think we all want second chances with something in our lives. As we look back over this past year, there are probably so many things we might wish we could have done differently. Things we were unprepared for, that now with hindsight we wished we had taken more seriously. Things we got totally wrong and could not fix.

Maybe a big health scare, a financial crisis, a loss or heartbreak. Perhaps some are grappling with what is their purpose in life.

And to make it all worse, we may even be feeling guilt or shame about the way things went down in our lives this past year. 

We may see our part and wish we could have done it...

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A year in review : What are you moving towards?


Me, I'm moving towards expanding my PLEASURE! 

Listen to the Podcast version of this blog post : Find: A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify Episode 41: A year in review: What are you moving towards? 

We are heading into a NEW YEAR,  but does that mean we have to suddenly FIX all the things in our life come January 1st. 

I’m not setting any New Year’s resolutions or buying some kind of 2021 planner or doing a cleanse or detox

Instead I’m reviewing the year as I always do, reflecting on what I learned and what I still want to learn more about and just moving more towards what lights me up!

I am remembering the freedom to be here and live an enjoyable life!

My purpose is to be in joy and reinvent fun, express who I am, inspire through my being - have fun. Life has already been way too heavy for far too long. 

No planning to fulfill my potential. I’m organizing around pleasure.

How about you? Are you tired of the pressure...

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How Excessive Vitamin D Supplements Can Suppress Thyroid Function

There's something I've been talking about for years that every woman in burnout should know about because it's not mainstream yet. Even though it has a huge impact on your health to the opposite of what the mainstream is suggesting. 

Did you know that excessive vitamin D supplementation can contribute to a loss of potassium and suppress thyroid function? *Read this research article demonstrating renal potassium wasting induced by vitamin D.

[I'm talking, doses of several thousand IU taken over many months to years without adequate testing or considering how the body utilizes the supplement form of D versus how it would make it's own through sun exposure on bare skin. As well as, understanding the role it plays in the mineral system, which is most people is already favoring a high tissue calcium state of biochemistry]. 

Vitamin D can actually have an antagonizing impact on thyroid function because it can increase the absorption and retention of calcium. This can drive...

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Thoughts on finding the 'root cause' of burnout

There is not just ONE root cause
When it comes to burnout

If burnout had just one root
It wouldn’t be so powerful in taking you down in the first place
It would be easy to find and focus on and uproot


Burnout has multiple roots
Some SO deep and thick and strong
With others all tangled up in the mix

When someone says you need to find "THE" root cause
You may feel misled
I mean, sometimes “A” root of the cause is responsible for multiple offshoots

Rooting out 'the cause' is even more exhausting
Because there’s never just one

And no, there's no bandaids, quick fixes or overnight cures either
Once you come to terms with this, you'll relax more into a new way of life

A way of life that is FOR you
No longer in denial of your truest deepest needs

So to my burned out friends

Stay steady

Focus on the terrain of your life
Inner first, outer second

The environment you live in is everything
Let it be filled with light, energy, joy, nourishment

Increase your healthy...

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What you need to know to assess 'vitamin' D more thoroughly

First off, let me be clear, the primary source of vitamin D is the sun, and it is found naturally in very few whole foods, foods that are naturally exposed to the sun. Sunlight and vitamin D are not the same thing


{You can also find my podcast: A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Spotify }

The real problem is that more and more people are spending time indoors AWAY from the sun. Not to mention, slather their bodies with sunscreen when outdoors and this blocks them from making the sun to skin process that creates vitamin D in the body. 

Get nerdy and check out this conversation with Kris Kross of EMRTEK about these very problems and the added challenge with our exposure to blue light. 

It's important to understand that Vitamin D is made in our bodies by a step by step conversion process. It's not a vitamin we get from food as our primary source of it for human health.

We CAN choose to consume these...

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Burnout: Heal Your Body from Mineral Deficiencies Starting With Food First

It has become increasingly clear to me that one of the biggest obstacles people in burnout face is that the minerals are missing and their bodies can't run fully charged. The traditional system of health care for anyone facing burnout does not address this issue. 

Sooner or later, we figure this out and realize we must turn elsewhere to help heal our bodies in a more thorough way. 

Many people turn to their diet and start to clean it up and begin to feel better when switching to real, whole, organic, quality sourced foods. However, many realize it's difficult to go the distance with food alone.

There is a very valid reason for this. Our modern food has it's share of challenges, two of those being the incredible depletion of minerals as well as the increased toxicity of our soils. 

Once we realize this, we can get more thorough in our approach to food. We must source the best quality we can find to increase the demand for it's production. Then we must also learn how...

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Remineralize to recover from burnout

"Why doesn't everyone know about this remineralizing thing?", said a client recently after feeling like she came back from a deep state of burnout, desperately trying to get through every day in survival mode. 

That's a good question. Now that you can be diagnosed with burnout according the World Health Organization, it's time to get the word out to the masses. 

While there are MANY things leading the modern woman into burnout, not being able to have a fully charged battery in the first place creates an ongoing conundrum. What allows us to keep our human battery charged with potent electrical potential? You guessed it, MINERALS.

I've been on a hot mission the past 6 years to educate others and help my clients remineralize their body. This year I decided it was time to share all my knowledge, from experience in a way more people could benefit from. 

I created an online program called; REMINERALIZE to take people through a step by step education so they can start putting...

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PODCAST: Choose to be happy with Marie Houlden


In episode 33 of my podcast, I chat with Marie Houlden about her new book; I Choose To Be Happy

Marie is an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner who helps women who want more in life and aren't sure how to have it.

{Learn more about Marie and her work HERE, find her on Instagram HERE}

A little over 4 years ago, Marie helped me when I was in a deep dark 'funk'. I had parked my ass in my bed in my room for almost a month. I couldn't get up or out, I literally felt glued to the bed and doomed to my depression. I had gained 12 pounds and literally wasn't sure how I would pull out of it all.

I found Marie from several colleagues recommendation. One night in a dream, I saw her face vividly and heard her name audibly. I woke up that morning knowing I had to book a session with her right away, and so I did.

Shortly after working with her (and a life coach and transformation coach), I pulled out of my funk. I even met an amazing man and fell in love. Life started to have meaning and...

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The KEY building blocks every health trend in 2020 is missing

So many health trends out there in 2020 which one should I pick to try ? 

Right now biohacking your health is trendy.The keto diet is trendy. Super food bowls are trendy. Veganism is growing strong. 

Doesn't matter what the trend, none of them are complete healing paths. They are all just hacks, not necessarily getting you the building blocks you need for optimal health. 

Many of my clients come to me having tried this diet or that diet or this trend or that trend. They are still missing something because they don't have the energy they would like and they feel SO ON EDGE. Not to mention a myriad of other random health complaints that all the hacks and health 'bandaids' they've tried haven't fixed. 

The truth of the matter is, the trends are like throwing fancy decor in a house that is missing some of it's foundations. When you are missing the key building blocks in the foundation of your health you won't create lasting health. You won't get the results you truly...

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Why you need to remineralize your body

If anything 2020 has highlighted, it’s that we need to be WAY more resilient as humans.

Both in our physical health, but also our mental health.
Not to mention increase our bandwidth to better deal with stress.

So it can roll like water off a duck’s back, know what I mean?!

Your internal reserves are what give you resilience.

People who struggle with feeling like they are about to collapse if one more life stress comes their way, are usually dealing with deficient inner reserves.

What do I mean?

Well they don’t have the building blocks in place for their body to run
optimally so they can deflect life's stressors like a super power.


They don’t know they are missing the building blocks for one thing. Next they don't even know what building blocks they need. Additionally, they are burning up what little reserves they have by falling deeper into the rabbit hole known as the modern life.

What are they missing that keeps their reserves in place?

Well, MINERALS for...

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