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What You Need to Know to Overcome Adrenal Fatigue

Hi, my name is Lydia Joy ... and I am not only recovering from adrenal fatigue I now radiate health and vitality. Which in truth, is EVERY woman's birthright... to thrive, not just 'survive'!

Statistics currently show, that 80 percent of adults will experience adrenal fatigue during their lifetime. 80 percent!!! That sure is a lot of people and the reason for this epidemic is not just physical. Our physical well being totally depends on our mental, emotional and spiritual health too.

Essentially, your adrenal glands are where the strength center of your body is located. They give you the ability to keep going and to endure. They are one of your two main energy producing glands in the body. You probably know that the adrenals are there to spur you on, to give you energy to tackle stressful situations, both emotional and physical.

The adrenals are closely connected with your sympathetic nervous system (the gas) as opposed to the parasympathetic nervous system (the brake). During times...

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Don't Just Cultivate Gratitude, Embody It!

freedom & flow Feb 02, 2018

We’ve all heard the popular phrase, “Keep an attitude of gratitude,” especially in the month of November when we become the most thankful for everything in our lives because we celebrate Thanksgiving.

However, did you know that being grateful actually benefits your body physically and mentally?

There have even been studies done where scientists find that people who practice gratitude consistently are reaping many healthful benefits.

When you practice gratitude, it really benefits your entire body and well-being. Feeling grateful can:

  • Improve your immune system
  • Improve mental alertness
  • Improve sleeping habits and better quality and duration
  • Lower blood pressure, preventing heart attacks
  • Decrease depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Create more sustained happiness, optimism, and joy
  • Create more acts of compassion and generosity
  • Help you manage stress better and cope with difficult challenges
  • Help you feel less isolated or lonely, leading to better relationships and...
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Why Nature Therapy is the Ultimate in Self-Care

Nature provides the best place on earth for the ultimate in self-care.

Spending time with Mother Nature in the great outdoors helps to reduce stress, find clarity, and refresh your mind while invigorating your body.

Good self-care is KEY to improved mood,  reduced anxiety, and a good relationship with yourself as well as others.

I live across the street from a hiking trail by a creek, and I’ve found if I do about five laps of the trail by the creek, I can get in my 10,000 steps for the day, which is about four miles total.

I try to get on the trail as often as I can when I can and sometimes it takes a couple short walks to get me to my goal of 10,000 steps a day...


What I’ve found is that this is one of the ways I implement a daily habit called...SELF-CARE.

Which helps my mood, manage stress, and keep my ‘zen,’ as well as clear my head.

Meditate even…

Not to mention, get the benefits of being surrounded by nature AND fit in some...

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How to Transform Your Life in 10,000 Steps a Day

Any life transformation you seek starts simply with desire. For me, it was a desire to undo the damage of sitting so much, to enjoy more time in nature, to have a goal that was easily achievable. I also came to the realization that no one else can move my body for me, and if I didn't set a goal I'd find a reason to avoid doing something I knew was important for my health.

The beauty of my own journey to 10,000 steps was that the benefits were far greater than I could have imagined. I now eagerly look forward to my daily walk or walks (sometimes I break it up into several shorter walks).

I wasn't prepared for how radically my life would transform when I decided to create a daily habit of walking/hiking 10,000 steps (or more). My moods improved, aches/pains/stiffness went away, I slept better, I lost weight (unexpectedly), my legs got stronger and more shapely, my heavy breathing diminished, my creativity blossomed, my patience grew and the list goes on.

Why Take 10,000 Steps A Day

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