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You Need To Know How To Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs So You Can Heal

mindset personal growth Nov 12, 2018

After the summer of 2009, I was ALL IN for my health and creating a whole new life for myself and my kids. I was ready to not only make the radical sweeping changes once but to have them stick for good. There was no going back for me. However, along the way I hit bumps and obstacles that caused me to feel restricted and blocked.

I used to be able to blame my not-so-cooperative ex and my exhaustion from the kids on why I couldn't seem to make progress or implement lasting change. But with him out of the way, that external barrier was no longer a problem.

Even with little money at the time, there were still plenty of things I knew I could do that did not require money to support my health. Like exercise, create a sleep routine, self-care and more. Additionally there were plenty of things I could do even in spite of time. Busyness was not really an excuse or limiting belief that impacted me in those years. However, learning to recognize my healing was my own damn responsibility was a...

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How to Get In Tune with What You Need To THRIVE

mindset personal growth Nov 11, 2018

I spent most of my life NOT paying attention to my health, at least not in a proactive way. What my health (life) crisis taught me was to pay attention, sooner than later, to the warning signs my body shows me. And my friends, I'm here to help you learn how to get in tune with what your body needs to THRIVE, not just barely survive.

I had clearly over-extended myself by the time that summer rolled around where I was ready to move on with my life. I wasn't paying full attention to all the minor health concerns I had over the years that unfortunately built up and became much more intense.

In part, I ignored the warnings my body showed because too many other things stood in my way. I did not know how to create boundaries in my life for my own well being. I never learned to speak up for my needs in a healthy way. I put myself last over all the million other things life threw in my path, and my health suffered greatly for it.

I've now made it my life mission to get in tune with what I...

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How To Stop Wasting Your Energy On The Wrong Things

mindset personal growth Nov 10, 2018

Let's be honest with each other for a minute. I'll go first, I've wasted a lot of my energy focused on the wrong things. Things that did not help me reclaim my health, things that did not serve my highest good in life. One of the biggest reasons my health tanked was that I did not know how to spend my precious little energy wisely.

I don't know about you, but I came to adulthood without much vision for what I wanted in life. And in retrospect, it was hard for me to see progress in life because I had no clue what I really wanted. In part, I didn't have the self-confidence or self-worth to believe in myself and trust my intuition.

And as my health & life crashed down, in the summer of 2009, I learned a lot of valuable lessons I want to share with you. I learned that physical energy is a result of your beliefs and thoughts too. Your health is influenced not only by your physical body but the spiritual, mental, and emotional part of you too. 

Your health is dependent on all...

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How To Create 'Me Time' To Absolutely Make You Decompress

mindset personal growth Nov 09, 2018

If you’ve been feeling stressed, anxious out or having a bout of depression, you’ll want to allow yourself some time to decompress and relax.Your mental and emotional health do impact your physical health if they go unchecked. It's important to make sure you’re leaving enough room in your life for your own “me time" so you can absolutely DECOMPRESS.

If you've been reading along, in my last few posts I have shared how immense stress nearly ruined my life. So, I'm here to share more, as a FAIR warning to not let your stress go that far.

You see, when you push your body farther than it is able to go you can break the eff down. In all ways; physically, mentally emotionally, spiritually.

The GOOD NEWS is, you absolutely do not have to let it go that far or get that bad.

Remember, you get to FOCUS and SHIFT your mind when your health and life are struggling so you can reclaim your health. You get to choose and you get to DO something about it.

Rest and recuperation...

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This Is What Happens When You Get In Touch With Your Inner Child

mindset Nov 08, 2018

When you feel lonely, angry, depressed, anxious, resentful, passive aggressive, react from ego not love, disconnected, irritated, and confused, it's time to get in touch with your inner child. It's time to acknowledge these things and validate how you feel and find new ways to cope.

In light of my ongoing struggling health issues I shared about in my previous two posts, I knew I had to lighten up.  I knew I needed to get in touch with my inner child in order to manage the incredible overwhelm, anxiousness and bouts of depression I was dealing with.

And not just for my kids sake. You see, it was easier to be playful with the kids. Especially my younger two, they were too cute, curious and fun. I had no choice but to get playful at times thankfully.

Rather, I needed to get in touch with MY OWN inner child to find my joy. To help me shift from the incredible stress in my life.  It was time for me to slow down, and to “stop and smell the roses” so I  could be...

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How To Shift Your Mind When Your Health Is Struggling

mindset Nov 07, 2018

I used to feel so helpless when my health was struggling. If I allowed myself to dwell on how poorly I felt, I'd end up going down a dark twisted path in my thoughts.

Self pity. Victim mindset. Embarrassment. Shame. Depression. Those were all some of the feelings I spent a lot of time getting familiar with over the years when my health was struggling.

While all those feelings can be very really and seem valid, the problem for me was dwelling on and staying stuck with them. That place of 'being stuck' was me giving away my power and only kept me experiencing the lack of what I really wanted.

In my last post, How To Focus Your Mind To Reclaim Your Health & Energy, I shared how my body came crashing down hard after I separated from my husband and started the divorce process. Let me tell you, things were ROUGH.

I suffered from anxiety every night and panic that he would somehow come back in the house. It took me a whole month of trying EVERYTHING to get myself to sleep without the...

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How To Focus Your Mind To Reclaim Your Health & Energy

mindset personal growth Nov 06, 2018

If you want to build anything meaningful in your life, including optimal health and abundant energy, you must first have a belief you can attain it and second the dedication to see it through. Where your focus goes energy flows.

This may sound challenging to anyone, who like me, struggled with deep exhaustion and burn out, physically, mentally and emotionally. However, it's encouraging to know that when you believe you can have great health and you stay committed you will in time see the results you desire. Your own perseverance and initiative, despite your circumstances will allow you to reclaim your own health.

Listen to this blog in episode # 128 of my podcast: A Joy To Be - Find it on: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify. 

As a single mom of four, I'm here to tell you a bit of my story on how to focus your mind to reclaim your health and energy.

There have been so many times in my adult life I can remember wanting to feel good in my body. So many of those times, I felt so...

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My Favorite ENERGY Tonic In The World For Adrenal Fatigue


Ladies, if you are struggling with fatigue, burn out or exhaustion, listen up!

I'm about to share my favorite energy tonic in the world for adrenal fatigue.

It has been my go-to remedy and nourishing beverage, both for myself and my clients for many years now. Many women have thanked me profusely for getting them started on this powerful healing tonic and I want to share it with you, so you can get your spark back.

This is for you, if you have adrenal fatigue, or chronic fatigue, you really struggle to have enough energy daily to get up and get through your day without dragging your anchor so to speak. Especially if, you crave stimulants, such as coffee, chocolate or even stimulating supplements to kick-start your energy and keep you going. The problem is, you don't have the actual reserves in your body needed to have natural energy on your own.

One reason is because your body has burned through it's mineral reserves. That's why I love giving the body more bio-available sources of...

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Reasons Your Adrenals LOVE Minerals For Energy

Hello, I'm Lydia and I am recovering from adrenal exhaustion.

For those of you who don't know what that even means, let me explain.

As a single mom, recovering from post traumatic stress from divorce and raising 4 kids on my own, my body has gone through a lot. The more stress you endure (including trauma), and the more kids you have, the more you burn through your bodies mineral reserves.

The more the minerals burn out of your body, your energy does too.

You see, minerals are your bodies spark plugs. Without them, you literally lose your 'spark', or energy.

Your body can't make minerals itself, you have to get them in your food and water. But these days, the food and water aren't really sufficient either. Conundrum for sure.

Suffice it to say, I had to rebuild myself from that deep exhaustion that set in after I left a toxic situation. I've been focused on supporting my health with minerals for over 9 years now and my health would not be where it is without them.

That shared, I...

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Praise & Testimonial: She Learned How To Detox Her Body


I am incredibly grateful for the amazing women I get to work with and support. Today I'm sharing Desiree's story of how she learned to take more time for self-care  AND overcame some major hurdles over the course of my fall detox.

Click on the image above to hear Desiree share what she learned and experienced during my Fall Detox.

Desiree's Biggest Challenges & Why She Chose To Do My Fall Detox

I wanted to do this because I had been feeling gross, eating junk all the time and I had just been giving in and giving in. I wanted to shift that pattern, but knew I needed some support and guidelines. I wanted to do just more than eat a strict diet and lose weight. I wanted to be able to include more self-care because that's something I struggle with. It's hard for me to slow down and take care of just me. So the timing on this was perfect for me.

I also was looking at this detox as a way for me to get past the struggles I was having with self-control in many areas of my life. I...

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