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This Is The Magic Key To Unlock Your Overwhelm For Good

Let's be honest, most of you are on a quest to feel at home within yourselves. You are looking for answers outside of yourself and feel incredibly overwhelmed as you reach for inner peace, joy and clarity. You are looking for a magic key to unlock the door to feeling stuck for good.

I sure was for most of my life.

Even still, if I listen to my own unkind, perfectionist, inner chatter that tries to inundate me with self-doubt - and forgetting WHO I REALLY AM - I can get totally side-lined and overcome with crippling overwhelm. How about you?

I shared more of my own story about turning my overwhelming breakdown into my breakthrough and how learning radical self-love was the catalyst, in a recent podcast. Be sure to check that out HERE if you haven't already.

Overwhelm is incredibly dis-empowering. It's negative impact shows up in every area of your life when it's allowed to run rampant. Society does perpetuate this if we think we have to fit into it's norms, but I think it goes deeper...

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Radical Self-Care and Self-Love { Everyday Wellness Podcast }

I am excited to share a podcast episode that I was invited as a guest speaker; The Everyday Wellness podcast(episode #34). I talked all about radical self-care and self-love. You can check out the podcast episode HERE.

In this podcast, I talked more about my own personal health journey, my recovery from intense burnout. As well as my journey in my health and wellness practice with my clients.

Working my way through the mess after divorce, I found I wore strength as a mask to how I was really feeling deep down. I was thrown into learning self-care and self-love to literally survive at first. Eventually, it felt radical to need to give myself so much time and attention. The more I prioritized it, the more I realized I had needed it all along. I had to learn how to cut out anything and everything that did not serve me.

I've shared much of this before, so be sure to go back and read through the blog, but what my journey has taught me BIG TIME is to keep showing up for myself every day....

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Why You Should Float in a Tank of Salt

health minerals self care Feb 08, 2019

I can still remember the first time I heard about salt float tanks, from friend Julie. I couldn't comprehend the concept of getting into a giant dark tank of salt water and just lay still in there for more than an hour. That was back when I was in hustle mode and couldn't meditate for shit.

Now that I've learned the art of zen-like behaviors, such as that of actually being still (ish), I am ALL about self-care practices like floating. My sweetie and I enjoy going to our local float place for a date night now and then to just relax and let go of stress. And we always get THE BEST sleep those nights.

It's a bit of a learning curve for some folks to fully benefit. I've found the more I go the more I can fully relax, meditate and visualize. It's a powerful space for deeper healing and benefits a myriad of things.

If you have ever had the thought or feeling that you could just 'slip away' and float leisurely some where away from your daily life & grind... I'm pretty sure you should...

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How To Destress With The Most Magical Mineral


lt would be remiss of me to continue talking about mindset and 'magic' without including more about MINERALS. I believe minerals are magic, meaning they create powerful transformation for your body and health. They are the spark plugs of life. One of the most magical minerals is MAGNESIUM.

Magnesium ignites metabolic reactions in your body, produces and transports energy. Magnesium works inside your tissue cells, bonding with ATP to produce energy for your body’s vital force. So, as you can imagine it’s essential to understand how to utilize this miracle mineral to enjoy vibrant health.

Magnesium is the ultimate chill pill. One of it's best perks is the ability to help your heart, your nervous system, as well as help you create energy. Not the jack you up like a shot of expresso 'energy', rather the even steady clean & clear energy.

In my video, I dove into a simple primer on how and why to get started with magnesium. You can watch that by clicking the video player in...

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Abundance Is What Happens When You Choose To BE YOURSELF

abundance mindset self love Feb 02, 2019

*Note: Listen to the podcast episode of this post here.

Abundance is on my mind lately.
It’s a word that I’ve learned to redefine.

It starts with tapping in YOU, into an internal sense of self-approval.

And all of your glorious unique magnificence my dear ones.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

You see, I believe that abundance is what happens when you CHOOSE to unabashedly BE fully your complete fabulous self. And you can only BE fully you, after you have accepted the youness of YOU. Every ounce and inch and nuance of your complete whole self & life.

After all, there is No one alive who is youer than you!  (...thanks Dr. Seuss).

Holy shizz buckets my friends, that may seem a tall order but it’s a necessary one. Here’s why...

Self-approval is incredibly important because no triumph in life will fuel you for the long run if you are only operating on the external approval of others. I know for a lot of us, this is uncharted territory. Scary even.


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Your Breakdown Is The Way To Your Breakthrough

I’m going to get vulnerable with you about one of my own breakdowns, are you ready? I’ve had so many breakdowns in my lifetime but this is the story I trust you need to hear today.

It’s my story of shifting gears in my biz over the past 2 years.

A little backstory for those of you who don’t know me. I started a blog called Divine Health in 2010, which morphed into Divine Health From The Inside Out. It was a place I wanted to share what I was learning and to use as more of my ‘storefront’ for clients, online course and products.

You see, in 2007, I had a bit of an awakening to myself. In 2009, I got out of a volatile marriage. In 2010, I decided to pursue my passion of holistic nutrition. My intention for my website was to share more of the ‘inside out’ aspect of health, not just the science of nutrition.

I ended up going all in on the nutrition, health and real food path of blogging on my website. I was obsessed. In part because I was...

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You Are Calm, Courageous And A Force To Be Reckoned With

I’m celebrating overcoming a HUGE obstacle in my life. One that has been a long time coming, one that I finally shifted to see as an opportunity for my own growth. And boy did I learn some powerful lessons as I worked through this seemingly insurmountable barrier, let me tell you.

I learned more about my own inner strength and abilities in the past 2 years as I worked through this particular challenge. It was a hard earned lesson for sure, one that was incredibly painful but so necessary.

Now I can feel the liberation, like having climbed to the top of a mountain and looking at the breathtaking views. All the struggles I faced along the way were worth it and fading into the background, as I now revel in what they allowed me to overcome and accomplish.

And I wanted to share some of those lessons with you today as I reflect back on what I conquered.

The first is, that we all have obstacles in our lives. Some little, some seemingly massive and impossible. These obstacles are a...

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Now Is The Time To Be What You Are – Magic In Motion.

mindset personal growth Jan 21, 2019

*Note: Listen to the full episode on the podcast here (recorded May 14, 2020). 

I believe in magic, do you? I believe EVERYONE alive is magical as fuck. They just may not know it, yet.

Take me for example. I spent most of my life disconnected from my emotional self and inner truth.

Part of that has to do with how I was brought up. My family did not communicate. Emotional intelligence was completely lacking and as an empathic INFP that simply caused me to go within. Not to actually find deeper meaning, rather, I spent much time lost in creating alternative realities to tolerate and often to escape the one I was living in. At least I was creating, I’m sure I could write several fantasy novels from those years.

What I finally learned by the time I arrived to my 40’s was that it was never truly safe for me to face my emotional reality. As a child raised in a punitive strict christian home, where corporal punishment was administered, empathy and emotional support was...

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Lack of Joy? How to Revive Your Passion

Passion, what lights you up currently? When you are passionate you allow yourself to explore your desires and to go towards the things that make you feel joyful.

I am all about fully enjoying my life these days, I didn’t used to. I used to lack joy. In fact, I was so apathetic and fearful that I used to just spend hours fantasizing about life, instead of actually living it. There’s a long history there that stems from trauma and abuse that caused me to not feel safe. This created a lot of blocks in my entire being as a whole, but I’ve done a lot of inner healing to overcome that.

Listen to this blog post as a podcast - Episode 123: Lack of Joy? How to revive your passion - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

There have been many times in my life that I have sunk into 'lack of joy' mode and lost my passion. I'm not alone in this. I know a lot of women struggle with this lack of joy, apathy, boredom, no motivation. This also shows up in...

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Love Is The Best Medicine Of All

It’s 2019, a year to take radical personal responsibility for your life and healing yourself. The good news is, your body has the capacity to heal itself. And love is the best medicine of all.

Your mind, emotions and spirit have an enormous impact on your body. How you think and feel about yourself and the world, as well as how you experience spiritual connection makes all the difference in healing your body.

I feel like I could write a whole entire book on this, maybe I will … for now, I want to empower you towards self-love and healing yourself.

I know it may sound cliche to say that love is the best medicine of all -all we need is love and a million other songs come to mind, but it’s so true. Science now even shows it.

So I want to help you tap into this. Even if you are someone who grew up without adequate love or were unloved as a child, you can still re-write your story. You can give yourself the love you deserve first. You can heal your own childhood and...

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